Kathleen/Lexi – Over the last five years, Jim has become an extension of our family. He cares for Lexi as much as we do, opening his home to her while we’re away, convincing her that it’s worth it to go out when it’s raining, and even taking her to the vet in emergencies. There is no one I’d trust more with Lexi. I feel grateful everyday that he’s a part of our lives.

Sara/Shaina – Jim is the best!  I have a senior dog with medical issues and she couldn’t be in better hands.  I am at peace knowing Shaina is with Jim. I always know she is being loved and cared for.  Friends and neighbors see my dog out with Jim and often stop me to tell me how wonderful he is.  It doesn’t get better than an unsolicited rave review based on observation!  Jim is everything we could ask for: compassionate, responsible, honest, dependable and an all around good guy.


Judy and Emily - mother/daughter people of Edgar and Ruth (and George RIP) Whenever we leave town we know our dogs are having a fine time with Jim. They seem to know that even though he probably would prefer that they leave the bagels on the counter, he thinks they’re resourceful and clever for finding them. I think Jim speaks the language of all dogs – certainly of our two, and of the Great Dane who was our first Jim client. Of course we want our care-givers to be reliable, trustworthy, honest, reasonable, and flexible, but mostly we want them to love our dogs – and that’s Jim ~ paws down!